2nd Seaweed for Health-21-24 June, 2020, Galicia, Spain

We have a dream that seaweed will be known to everybody as the healthy part of their everyday life. Therefore we are bringing together knowledge and experience to this international “Seaweed for Health” conference for research and business within nutraceutical, bioactive and pharmaceutic compounds in seaweed, and we hope that you will join us. Seaweeds are a worldwide incredibly rich source of nutrients and bioactives. At the “Seaweed for Health” conference we will present an interdiciplinary approach to discuss the health [...]

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The 7th ISAP 2020 Congress April 19-24, in Chiba, Japan

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of 7th ISAP and the Supporting Organizations such as Algae Biomass and Energy System R&D Center, University of Tsukuba (ABES) and Algae Industry Incubation Consortium Japan (AIIC), it is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to the Seventh International Symposium of Applied Phycology (7th ISAP) to be held at 20 to 25 April 2020 in Makuhari, Chiba, Japan where constitute the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo MA). Staring with a welcoming reception [...]

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Scottish Seaweed Industri Association

The SSIA is holding its annual conference in Oban on Tuesday 18th February 2020 followed by a day of workshops at SAMS on Wednesday 19th. To build on the success of its previous conferences, the directors of the SSIA have started to plan this year's event, which will take place again in Oban, in February. The change of timing is to reflect comments that November is a busy time for those cultivating seaweed. The SSIA is a forum for all industry [...]

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SIG Seaweed meeting in Trondheim

How do we create a market for seaweed products and biomass to develop the seaweed industry? This conference will be arranged in collaboration with the two seaweed knowledge platforms MACROSEA and Seaweed Biorefinery Platform Norway (SBP-N), as a final meeting for the first and a first open meeting for the latter. We will focus on the seaweed business and how new technology can impact on the development of the industry – both by creating a market pull and the enabling technologies [...]

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2nd International Conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries in Malaysia

2nd International Conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 14 @ 8:00 am - October 15 @ 5:00 pm CEST We are delighted to welcome you to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the “2nd International Conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries” on October 14-15, 2019. Aqualife 2019 will focus especially on collaborations among Aqua and Fisheries researchers, scientists, industrialists and eminent people from both Academics and Industries to share trans disciplinary ideas to produce profitable & sustainable Aquaculture. Based on your expertise [...]

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9th Nordic Seaweed Conference in Grenaa, Denmark

9th Nordic Seaweed Conference on the 9th + 10th of October 2019 in Grenaa, Denmark October 9 @ 8:00 am - October 10 @ 5:00 pm CEST The topic of this year’s conference will be Meeting the UN sustainability goals by Innovation in Macroalgae as a Bioresource. Be inspired by novel input from the field of seaweed research and industry. Take the excellent opportunity to network and find new project and business partners. The Conference team is working hard to put [...]

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Breeding of seaweed – development of new varieties

Tirsdag d. 8 oktober arrangerer Tangnetværket seminar i Bæredygtighedens hus, Grenå fra kl. 11 – 18 om avlsarbejde på tang. Ud over oplæg fra forskere og erhvervsfolk håber vi at skabe debat om Danmarks fremtidige tangerhverv. Hvad er der af muligheder langs vores kyster, hvilke andre interessegrupper eksistere, hvordan laver vi avlsarbejde uden GMO mere. The seminar will be in  engelsk. Program. Tilmelding

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