PHYCOMORPH Working Group meeting

October 8-9, 2018: PHYCOMORPH Working Group meeting. Grenaa, Denmark This combined with the October 10-11, 2018: NORDIC SEAWEED CONFERENCE 2018 Place: Kystvejen's Hotel and Conference Center, Kystvej 26, 8500 Grenaa, Denmark (information on how to find the venue) Save the date for the next Nordic Seaweed Conference 2018 Hear top speakers within seaweed for food, feed, cultivation and biorefinery purposes Be updated on latest research Network with colleagues from companies doing business with seaweed and researchers gaining new knowledge on how [...]

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Special Report: Seaweed and Microalgae Driving New Product Development

Seaweed is making waves in nutrition-rich NPDs and with its many varieties is tipped to become the next super green “superfood”, and this staying true to its title, seaweed is finding new product applications in Western markets due to its wide ranging health benefits. Although seaweed cultivation has been around for decades, the challenges for today’s burgeoning industry is to keep pace with demand for the super speeding growing and nutrient-rich algae that is being included in new product innovations across [...]

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EUROMARINE APPRISE workshop, Roscoff

September 6-7, 2018 APPRISE: Anticipating Potential Pathways and Routes for Innovation towards desirable Socio-Economic impacts (focus on macro algae). OBJECTIVES: To foresight innovation pathways in macro algae and to use this foresight to: Identify opportunities and challenges, bottlenecks Characterise the variety of socio-economic impacts Build an awareness of tools and methods to address socio-economic impacts of Marine research and innovation

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ASCog MSC præsenterer fælles standard for tang gældende fra 1 marts 2018

ASC(Aquaculture Stewardship Council) og MSC(Marine Stewardship Council) præsenterer fælles standard for tang gældende fra 1 marts 2018 The Seaweed Standard sets a number of requirements for seaweed harvesting and farming practices. Environmentally, seaweed operations must show that they actively minimise their impact on the surrounding…and socially responsible use of seaweed resources. Meeting global demand can be achieved sustainably and responsibly With seaweed production increasing alongside demand for certification, the MSC and ASC recognise the… […]

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Algae Is the Vegan Protein Food of the Future, Says CNN

A recent article by CNN hailed algae as “the food of the future”. The vegan dish is protein-rich, requires no fresh water to produce, and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, unlike most the world’s protein today that is derived from animals. Around 70 percent of the world’s available fresh water is used to rear livestock or cultivate crops. Algae, however, can flourish without the presence of fresh water. It can grow anywhere from deserts to oceans, ponds, and aquariums. This poses [...]

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