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Tangnetværket har til formål at fremme produktion, anvendelse, formidling og viden om tang, herunder styrke samarbejdet nationalt.

Nordic Seaweed Conference 2018 og efterfølgende Erhvervs Netværksmøde Algecenter Danmark

Join the Nordic Seaweed Conference 10th – 11th of October 2018. Key note speakers from Australia and Portugal will address cultivation in the tropics and commercialization.


 Read more about program, place and registration  here


Erhvervsnetværket AlgecenterDanmark afholder møde den 11. Oktober, 2018 kl 15.00-19.15 umiddelbart efter konferencen

Program  kan ses her


Kære virksomheder med tang og andre tang interesseret
Kom og vær med til at fejre Tangnetværkets 10 års jubilæum d. 27. nov på DTU.

Alle oplægsholdere har konfirmeret deres deltagelse. Stefan Kraan nok via skype. Se program.

Vi  sætter borde op ude foran salen, og laver en lille markedsplads, så at I virksomheder kan præsentere jeres produkter i pausen. Studerende og andre med projekter og posters er også meget velkommen. Derudover vil interesserede lige inden pausen kunne pitche deres firma, læs mere her. Skulle I have lyst til at invitere nogen, så er I velkommen til at videresende denne invitation med program . Email med Invitation og program her.

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Under denne kategori finder du igangværende og nye forskningsprojekter

Her finder du link til viden om tang, samt spændende artikler fra både ind- og udland. God fornøjelse



Special Report: Seaweed and Microalgae Driving New Product Development

Seaweed is making waves in nutrition-rich NPDs and with its many varieties is tipped to become the next super green “superfood”, and this staying true to its title, seaweed is finding new product applications in Western markets due to its wide ranging health benefits. Although seaweed cultivation has been around for decades, the challenges for today’s burgeoning industry is to keep pace with demand for the super speeding growing and nutrient-rich algae that is being included in new product innovations [...]

15. september 2018|Categories: Diverse|

ASCog MSC præsenterer fælles standard for tang gældende fra 1 marts 2018

ASC(Aquaculture Stewardship Council) og MSC(Marine Stewardship Council) præsenterer fælles standard for tang gældende fra 1 marts 2018 The Seaweed Standard sets a number of requirements for seaweed harvesting and farming practices. Environmentally, seaweed operations must show that they actively minimise their impact on the surrounding…and socially responsible use of seaweed resources. Meeting global demand can be achieved sustainably and responsibly With seaweed production increasing alongside demand for certification, the MSC and ASC recognise the… […]

27. juli 2018|Categories: Diverse|

Algae Is the Vegan Protein Food of the Future, Says CNN

A recent article by CNN hailed algae as “the food of the future”. The vegan dish is protein-rich, requires no fresh water to produce, and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, unlike most the world’s protein today that is derived from animals. Around 70 percent of the world’s available fresh water is used to rear livestock or cultivate crops. Algae, however, can flourish without the presence of fresh water. It can grow anywhere from deserts to oceans, ponds, and aquariums. This [...]

27. juli 2018|Categories: Diverse|

Mysterious masses of seaweed assault Caribbean islands 11 juni 2018

Mysterious masses of seaweed assault Caribbean islands 11 juni 2018 In retrospect, 2011 was just the first wave. That year, massive rafts of Sargassum—a brown seaweed that lives in the open ocean—washed up on beaches across the Caribbean, trapping sea turtles and filling the air with the stench of rotting eggs. “It presented immense challenges,” […]

27. juli 2018|Categories: Diverse|

Common seaweed outperforms chemotherapy for breast cancer, researchers reveal

Breast cancer, a major cause of death from cancer for women of all ethnicities, claimed 42,000 lives in the United States in 2014 alone – a truly grim statistic. But a new study – in which seaweed worked better than a leading FDA-approved pharmaceutical medication to combat breast cancer – is raising hopes that this safe, natural superfood could alter the face of cancer treatment as we know it. […]

27. juli 2018|Categories: Diverse, Forsiden|

Seaweed diet reveals potential for precision manipulation of gut bacteria

Seaweed diet reveals potential for precision manipulation of gut bacteria Finding ways to manipulate the massive population of bacteria living inside our gut is turning out to be a tricky proposition for medical researchers. The ecology of our microbiome is enormously complex and we are only just learning of the broad effect gut bacteria has on our overall health. […]

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